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WINS Configuration Issues

After you add the WINS Server feature to your Windows Server installation, you can view the status of the service and configure various WINS features.

You start the WINS snap-in (in the MMC) by selecting Start, Administrative Tools, WINS. Figure 20.3 shows the WINS snap-in in the MMC.

Figure 20.3. WINS is managed in the WINS snap-in.

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When you select the Server Status icon in the Node pane (on the left of the window), the server status is displayed in the Details pane (refer to Figure 20.3). The status of the server is updated every five minutes. If you wish to change the update status, right-click the Server Status icon and then click Properties on the shortcut menu. Change the time interval in the Update status box and then click OK.

The WINS snap-in also enables you to configure replication partners (which are other WINS servers on the network) and manage WINS records. You can also manually add static mappings (NetBIOS-to-IP mappings) or delete records in the WINS database.

Settings related to the operation of the WINS server can also be configured in the WINS snap-in. Select the WINS Server node (identified by the name you gave your server when you installed Windows) in the node list of the snap-in. Then right-click the Server icon and select Properties. The Properties dialog box for the server opens.

The WINS server’s Properties dialog box has four tabs:

Although you can configure many of these parameters in the WINS snap-in, Microsoft recommends that you attempt to run your WINS implementation with the default settings. This provides you with a performance baseline for WINS, which you can then fine-tune if required.

Did you Know?

To determine whether the default WINS settings work best for your network, use the Reliability and Performance Monitor (the Reliability and Performance Monitor is discussed briefly in this hour and further in Hour 24) to take a look at parameters such as CPU usage and disk I/O. Upgrading server memory or using a RAID stripe set can often enhance performance of WINS better than changing WINS settings.

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