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Installing and Configuring WINS

WINS can be installed on any computer that runs Windows Server 2008 (but you might not want to overburden your domain controllers by placing WINS on them). Before you install the WINS component, make sure that the server is configured with static IP address and a default gateway. (TCP/IP settings for a server are discussed in Hour 2, “Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2008.”)

WINS is installed as a feature. You can open the Add Features from the Initial Configuration Tasks window or the Server Manager.

To install WINS, follow these steps:

1. In the Initial Configuration Tasks window (or with the Features node selected in Server Manager), click the Add Features link. The Add Features Wizard opens (see Figure 20.1).

Figure 20.1. WINS is added via the Add Features Wizard.

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2. Select WINS Server in the features list. Then click Next to continue.

3. The next screen confirms that WINS Server will be installed. Click Install.

4. The final wizard screen lists the features that were installed, in this case WINS Server, and whether or not the installation succeeded. Click Close to close the wizard window.

After the WINS installation is complete, the WINS Server feature is listed in the Customize This Server area of the Initial Configuration Tasks window. You can also view the features installed on the server in the Server Manager (Start, Administrative Tools, Server Manager).

Expand the Features node in the Server Manager Node pane. WINs is listed as a feature. Select WINS in the node tree and the Active Registrations and Replication Partners folders appears (see Figure 20.2).

Figure 20.2. The WINS feature can be managed via the Server Manager window.

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You can manage WINS from the WINS Server Manager snap-in. You can also run the WINS snap-in in the Microsoft Management Console. The WINS configuration discussion that follows uses the WINS snap-in in the MMC.

By the Way

The WINS snap-ins provided in the Server Manager and the MMC respectively differ slightly in the nodes and icons that appear in the Node pane. The WINS snap-in in the MMC actually requires a little less overhead to run because it does not track events and multiple roles and features (as well as installed services) as the Server Manager does.

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