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Q. What are three strategies available for resolving NetBIOS names to IP addresses?
A. Resolving NetBIOS names to IP addresses can be handled by NetBIOS broadcasts and the storage of mappings in a computer’s local cache. LMHOSTS files can also be deployed on computers to provide a static database of mappings of names to IP addresses. A dynamic database of mappings of NetBIOS names to IP addresses can be created if a WINS server is deployed in the domain.
Q. What is required to implement WINS in a Windows domain?
A. A server running WINS needs to be deployed in the domain. The client computers on the network must also be configured with the IP address of the WINS server. This makes them WINS clients. They then query the WINS server when they need to resolve a NetBIOS name to an IP address.
Q. What is the best way to deploy WINS on a larger network that might use some WAN connections?
A. It is a good practice to deploy more than one WINS server on the network. These WINS servers function as replication partners and share their databases. This cuts down on clients using slow WAN connections to reach a single WINS server in a domain. The presence of multiple WINS servers enables client computers to connect to the closest WINS server for name-resolution queries.
Q. What tool is used to add static records to the WINS database, delete records, and back up the WINS database?
A. The WINS snap-in enables you to both monitor and manage the WINS database.


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