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Q. What Windows Server 2008 service can be used to accommodate thin clients with a Windows desktop environment and user applications?
A. Windows Terminal Services is used to provide thin clients with minimal hardware configurations with a desktop and application environment that keeps application processing and data storage on the terminal server.
Q. Running Terminal Services on a Windows domain also requires what type of server to handle the licensing of Terminal Services clients?
A. A terminal server license server holds the clients’ licenses for the Terminal Services clients that connect to your domain terminal servers. Each client requires a client access license. Use the Client Licensing Wizard to record these licenses on the terminal server License server.
Q. What Windows Server 2008 snap-in enables you to view and manage connections and even log off users connected to the terminal server?
A. The Terminal Services Manager enables you to view connections to the terminal server and view user sessions. You can manage connections and sessions and even send messages to connected users with the Terminal Services Manager. The snap-in can also be used to monitor remote terminal servers on the network.
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