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Connecting to the Terminal Server

Terminal server clients use the Remote Desktop client to connect to a terminal server. This client is built into Windows clients such as Windows XP and Windows Vista, and is also available on server platforms such as Windows Server 2008. You can download and install the most recent version of Remote Desktop to client computers by searching http://www.microsoft.com for the latest update.

Connecting to a terminal server is really quite easy for your network users. Because they have a domain username and the appropriate password, they can open the Remote Desktop window and then log on to the terminal server. You can designate the terminal server by using the server name or the server’s IP address. Let’s look at connecting a Windows Vista Remote Desktop client to a Windows Server 2008 terminal server.

In Windows Vista, select Start, All Programs, Accessories, Remote Desktop Connection. The Remote Desktop Connection window opens (see Figure 19.11).

Figure 19.11. The Remote Desktop Connection client enables a user to connect to the terminal server.

The Remote Desktop Connection client consists of six tabs:

After the Remote Desktop Connection client is configured, it can connect to a terminal server. This is just a matter of clicking the Connect button (after the computer name has been entered on the General tab, which then must be followed by the entering of a username and password). Figure 19.12 shows a connection to a terminal server.

Figure 19.12. A connection to a terminal server.

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The software resources that Remote Desktop Connection client can access depends on the applications that you have installed on your server. Remember to install applications on the terminal server after you have installed the Terminal Services role and configured the Terminal Server.

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