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Enabling Routing and Remote Access

Before you can configure RRAS (more specifically, routing), you must enable the service. You can enable (and then configure) RRAS via the Server Manager or the RRAS snap-in running in the MMC.

Follow these steps:

1. In the Server Manager, expand the Roles and Network Policy and Access nodes and then click the Routing and Remote Access node to select it. In the Routing and Remote Access snap-in in the MMC, select the server node (the name of your server; see Figure 18.2).

Figure 18.2. Select your server in the MMC’s node tree.

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2. Select Action, and then Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access. The Routing and Remote access Server Setup Wizard opens. Click Next to bypass the wizard’s initial page.

3. On the next wizard page, you are provided a number of options related to the RRAS feature (features such as VPN and VPN remote access were discussed in Hour 17). Because we are interested (at this point) only in enabling routing, click the Custom Configuration option button and then click Next.

4. On the Custom Configuration page, select LAN Routing (see Figure 18.3).

Figure 18.3. Select LAN Routing.

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5. Click Next. A summary screen appears (LAN routing will be added to the RRAS configuration). Click Finish.

6. The Routing and Remote Access dialog box opens, asking whether you wish to start RRAS. Click Start Service.

RRAS starts on the server and the wizard closes. You are returned to the RRAS snap-in (MMC) or to the Server Manager.

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