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Q. Routing and Remove Access Service, is part of what Windows Server 2008 role?
A. RRAS is one set of services provided by the Network Policy and access Services role.
Q. What types of routing can be configured on a Windows Server 2008 RRAS server?
A. You can configure the RRAS server for static routing where you enter your own routing tables. You can also configure the RRAS server for dynamic routing where the RIP routing protocol builds dynamic routing tables automatically.
Q. What is the DHCP Relay Agent?
A. When you have a network with more than one subnet but do not have a DHCP server on each subnet, the DHCP Relay Agent takes broadcast requests from DHCP clients and relays them as point-to-point communications to DHCP servers on the network.
Q. What are some ways to manage and troubleshoot router connections?
A. The RRAS snap-in enables you to monitor whether or not your router interfaces are active. You can also use command-line tools such as tracert and ping to check the connectivity between routers and nodes on the network.
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