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Configuring Remote Access Clients

After the RAS server has been installed and configured, you must enable user accounts for remote access (or vice versa). You enable dial-in capabilities for your users in the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. To enable dial-in for users in the Active Directory, follow these steps:

1. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in (Start, Administrative Tools, Active Directory Users and Computers).

2. Expand the domain node and then click the Users folder. The domain users and groups appear in the Details pane.

3. At this point, you can add new users and then enable the account for dial-in or enable existing accounts (adding new domain users is discussed in Hour 8, “Understanding and Configuring Active Directory Domain Services”). To enable an existing account for dial-in, double-click the user account. The account’s Properties dialog box appears.

4. Click the Dial-In tab of the user’s Properties dialog box (see Figure 17.9).

Figure 17.9. Set the remote access permission for dial-in or VPN.

5. Select the Allow Access option button to allow the account to use dial-in (or VPN) to connect to the network (or you can choose to control access through the Network Policy Server, discussed later in this hour).

6. If you want to limit the user to a dial-in connection that is initiated from a particular phone number, click the Verify Caller ID check box and enter the user’s phone number in the accompanying box.

7. If you want to add callback security to the connection, click the Set by Caller option button or the Always Callback To option button. With the Set by Caller option, the caller dials into the server and then provides a number that the server will use to call the user back and provide a connection to the network. With the Always Callback To option, you provide the phone number that the server always uses to call the user back and set up the network connection.

8. You also have an option of specifying a static IP address for the connection. Click the Assign a Static IP Address check box and then type an IP address in the accompanying box.

9. After making your selections on the Dial-In tab, click OK to close the Properties dialog box.

You can now configure other user accounts for remote access. After you’ve installed your modem, enabled and configured the RAS server, and configured user accounts for dial-in access, you have completed the setup that is necessary on the server side of the RAS connection.

Obviously, an alternative to using dial-in for remote access is virtual private networking. When you enable a user account for remote access, you are enabling it for both dial-in and VPN. Let’s switch gears and take a look at VPN and how it is configured on your RAS server.

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