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Configuring Authentication

You can select the type of remote access authentication that you want to use on your RAS server. To configure the authentication protocol (or protocols) supported by the RAS server, follow these steps:

1. In the Routing and Remote Access snap-in, right-click the server icon in the tree and select Properties from the shortcut menu that appears. The Properties dialog box for the server appears.

2. Click the Security tab on the Properties dialog box. The Security tab lists the current authentication provider. To view the authentication methods, click the Authentication Methods button. The Authentication Methods dialog box appears.

3. Check boxes enable you to specify the authentication methods that will be supported by the RAS server (see Figure 17.8). Check the appropriate boxes (EAP, MS-CHAP, and MS-CHAPv2 are selected by default).

Figure 17.8. Choose authentication methods using a series of check boxes.

4. If you use EAP as an authentication method, you can select the EAP methods used. Click the EAP Methods button. The EAP Methods dialog box appears.

5. Select the EAP method. Then click OK to return to the Authentication Methods dialog box.

6. When you have completed selecting the authentication methods, click OK to close the Authentication Methods dialog box.

7. Click OK to close the server’s Properties dialog box.

Your server is now configured with remote access authentication methods. For a client to attach to the server through a dial-in connection, it must support one of these authentication methods—that is, it must be configured for a particular authentication protocol or protocols.

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