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Configuring Modem Ports

When the RRAS service is started for the first time, it creates ports for any modems that are installed on the server. You must configure these modem ports to allow remote client connections.

To configure a modem port, follow these steps:

1. In the Routing and Remote Access snap-in, click the server icon in the tree to expand the node. Right-click the Ports icon and select Properties. The Ports Properties dialog box appears (see Figure 17.6).

Figure 17.6. The Ports Properties dialog box gives you access to devices such as modems that must be configured for RAS.

2. Select the device (such as a modem) for which you want to configure the port, and click the Configure button. The Configure Device dialog box opens.

3. To configure the device for inbound connections, click the Remote Access Connections (Inbound Only) check box to select it. You must also supply a phone number if you are configuring a modem port, so enter the number in the appropriate box (see Figure 17.7). Then click OK.

Figure 17.7. Configure the modem port for incoming calls and supply the modem’s phone number.

4. You are returned to the Ports Properties dialog box. Click OK to close it.

The modem is added to the Ports list (seen in the Details pane when you select the Ports node). After the modem port has been enabled, the RAS server is ready to accept incoming calls. Another aspect of configuring dial-in remote access is determining the authentication protocol (or protocols) used to authenticate remote users. Authentication protocols are discussed in the next section.

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