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Loading the DCHP Database Backup

Another aspect of managing DHCP on the network is working with the backup of the DHCP database. By default, the database is automatically backed up every 60 minutes. If you find that clients are having trouble leasing addresses, the DHCP database could be corrupt.

To load the backup copy, do the following:

1. Right-click your DHCP server node (the name of the server, such as cheeseburger.spinach.com) in the tree in the Node pane. On the shortcut menu that appears, select Restore. The Browse for Folder dialog box appears, enabling you to specify the folder that contains the DHCP backup (it typically points to the default backup folder, backup).

2. Click OK. You are notified that the server must be stopped and then restarted for the backup database to be loaded.

3. Click Yes. The backup database is loaded and the server is restarted.

By the Way

You can also choose to manually back up the DHCP server’s database. Right-click your DHCP server node and then select Backup from the shortcut menu. Select a folder for the backup (the default is backup) and then click OK. A backup will be made of the DHCP database.

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