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Monitoring DHCP Leases

Because the whole point of DHCP is to provide IP leases to DHCP clients, you should monitor the leases that the DHCP server provides. You can view current leases in the DHCP snap-in. Follow these steps:

1. In the DHCP snap-in, click the Expand (+) button to the left of the DHCP server icon. The Scope folder appears.

2. Expand the Scope folder (click the plus symbol next to it). This gives you access to the Address Leases icon.

3. Click the icon. All the current leases appear in the Details pane of the snap-in (see Figure 16.18).

Figure 16.18. You can view the leases that have been assigned to your DHCP clients.

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You can also add more servers to the snap-in. This enables you to monitor multiple DHCP servers from the same management console.

In the DHCP snap-in, click the DHCP icon in the tree. Then click the Action menu and select Manage Authorized Servers opens.

To add a server to the snap-in, click the server in the dialog box and then click OK. The computer is added to the DHCP snap-in. This enables you to monitor the server’s IP address scope and current leases.

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