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Editing DHCP Server Options

You can edit data related to the DHCP server options such as the default gateway, DNS server, and WINS server settings. These options are edited (or entered for the first time, if you did not include them when configuring your scope) in the Server Option Properties dialog box.

Click to expand your DHCP server node in the snap-in tree. Then expand one of the IP version nodes such as IPv4. Then right-click the Server Options icon (under that IP version node) and select Configure Options. The Server Options dialog box appears.

Each option listed on the General tab (such as DNS Server or WINS Server) is designated by an option number. For example, the router (the default gateway) is option number 003; the DNS server is 006, and the WINS server is 044.

So, for example, to set the WINS server for DHCP clients receiving this information from the DHCP server, you would click the 044 check box and then enter the IP address of the WINS server, as shown in Figure 16.16. The default DNS server can be configured in the same way (by selecting option number 006). After changing the configuration information, click the OK button to close the dialog box.

Figure 16.16. You can edit the server settings for the gateway, such as the WINS server.

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