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Q. How is the range of IP addresses defined for a Windows Server 2008 DHCP server?
A. The IP addresses supplied by the DHCP server are held in a scope. A scope that contains more than one subnet of IP addresses is called a superscope. IP addresses in a scope that you do not want to lease can be included in an exclusion range.
Q. What TCP/IP configuration parameters can be provided to a DHCP client?
A. The DHCP server can supply a DHCP client an IP address and subnet mask. It also can optionally include the default gateway address, the DNS server address, and the WINS server address to the client.
Q. How can you configure the DHCP server so that it provides certain devices with the same IP address each time the address is renewed?
A. You can create a reservation for the device (or create reservations for a number of devices). To create a reservation, you need to know the MAC hardware address of the device. You can use the ipconfig or nbstat command-line utilities to determine the MAC address for a network device such as a computer or printer.
Q. To negate rogue DHCP servers from running with a domain, what is required for your DHCP server to function?
A. The DHCP server must be authorized in the Active Directory before it can function in the domain.
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