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This hour looked at the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, which is used to dynamically assign IP addresses to DHCP clients on a Windows Server 2008 network. The DHCP server can provide the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway (router), DNS server, and WINS server to the DHCP clients.

You use the Add Roles Wizard to install the DHCP role. DHCP servers are configured with a scope (or scopes), which contains a range of IP addresses that will be leased to the DHCP clients. Some IP addresses can be excluded from a scope; this is called an exclusion range. An important aspect of configuring a scope is determining the duration of the lease for the IP addresses that are to be assigned to clients by the DHCP server. Windows Server 2008 requires that DHCP servers be authorized with the Active Directory Domain Services. DCHP is configured, monitored, and managed in the Microsoft Management Console’s DHCP snap-in.

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