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Configuring a Caching-Only Server

DNS servers cache information that they receive from queries that they have made to other DNS servers. You can configure a DNS server that operates as a caching-only server, meaning that it supplies information to hostname resolution queries based on the data that it has acquired in its cache.

Caching-only servers are very useful because they do not generate network traffic related to zone transfers; they are not authoritative for any zones. Caching-only servers are often used as forwarders that sit outside a firewall and are used by a company’s internal DNS server to resolve hostnames to IP addresses that reside outside the internal network, such as on the Internet.

To create a caching-only server, install DNS on a server running Windows Server 2008. When configuring DNS, do not create any zones on the server. A member server on your network is an ideal candidate for a caching-only server. All the FQDN-to-IP address resolution is handled by the server’s DNS cache.

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