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Creating Resource Records

Although Dynamic DNS creates many of the resource records for the DNS database, you might want to create some resource records, such as a CNAME or a WINS record, manually. In some cases, you might also need to create host records for the DNS database (for clients that cannot work with DNS to dynamically create an A record).

To create a DNS resource record, follow these steps:

1. Expand a zone node (such as the Forward Lookup Zones node) and then select a zone in the snap-in tree. The records currently in the zone appear in the Details pane.

2. Right-click the zone icon in the snap-in tree. A shortcut menu appears that contains choices such as New Host and New Alias. You can click any of these record types to start the process of creating a new resource record. For example, if you select New Host (A or AAAA) from the shortcut menu, the New Host dialog box appears (see Figure 15.11).

Figure 15.11. You can create resource records such as host records.

3. To create the new host record, supply the hostname for the computer and then supply the IP address of the computer (or other device, such as a printer). A check box is also included to create a PTR record for the host (the reverse lookup zone record). It makes sense to check this box and create both the host and PTR records simultaneously.

4. After supplying the appropriate information for the new record, click Add Host. The record is added to the selected zone.

Did you Know?

You can view all the possible resource records that you can create; right-click a DNS zone in the snap-in tree and then select Other New Records from the shortcut menu. The Resource Record Type dialog box appears. Choose a resource record type from the list and then click the Create Record button to create the new resource record.

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