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Q. What is the purpose of deploying local DNS servers?
A. A domain DNS server provides for the local mapping of fully qualified domain names to IP addresses. Because the DNS is a distributed database, the local DNS servers can provide record information to remote DNS servers to help resolve remote requests related to fully qualified domain names on your network.
Q. What types of zones would you want to create on your DNS server so that both queries to resolve hostnames to IP addresses and queries to resolve IP addresses to hostnames are handled successfully?
A. You would create both a forward lookup zone and a reverse lookup zone on your Windows Server 2008 DNS server.
Q. What tool enables you to manage your Windows Server 2008 DNS server?
A. The DNS snap-in enables you to add or remove zones and to view the records in your DNS zones. You can also use the snap-in to create records such as a DNS resource record.
Q. In terms of DNS, what is a caching-only server?
A. A caching-only DNS server supplies information related to queries based on the data it contains in its DNS cache. Caching-only servers are often used as DNS forwarders. Because they are not configured with any zones, they do not generate network traffic related to zone transfers.
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