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Using Printer Filters

The Print Management snap-in provides custom filters (by default) that enable you to view printers based on defined filter criteria. The default custom filters are

To use one of the custom filters to view printers that meet the filter’s criteria, expand the Custom Filters node and then select a filter (such as Printers Not Ready). The printers meeting the filter’s criteria appear in the Details pane (see Figure 14.20).

Figure 14.20. Use custom filters to view printers meeting defined criteria.

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You can also create your own custom filters. These filters can take advantage of up to six conditional statements to provide a truly custom view of the printers in the domain. To create a custom filter, follow these steps:

1. In the Print Management snap-in, right-click the Custom Filters node and select Add New Printer Filter. The New Printer Filter Wizard appears.

2. Type a name for the new filter. You can also check a box on the name page that shows the number of printers meeting the filter’s criteria. Click Next to continue.

3. On the next wizard page, you set the criteria for the filter. Click the drop-down list for the first field. You can select from a number of different fields including Printer Name, Queue Status, Server Name, and Share Name.

4. After selecting the field, set the condition and the value for the field (see Figure 14.21).

Figure 14.21. Set the field, condition, and value for the filter.

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5. You can select additional fields and set conditions and values for these fields (as needed). Click Next. The Set Notifications page opens.

6. You can set optional notifications related to the custom filter with email (or by running a script). Select the Send E-mail Notification check box or the Run Script check box (or both) and set the parameters for the notification. For email, you need to enter the recipient email, the sender email, the SMTP server, and the message. For a script, you need to provide the path to the script. After setting the optional notification settings, click Finish.

Select your new custom filter in the Print Management node tree (with Custom Filters expanded). Printers meeting your filter criteria are listed in the Details pane.

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