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Managing Print Jobs

The Print Management snap-in enables you to manage the printers on your network. You can view and control the print jobs that are currently in the print queue of a particular printer in the domain (or in the domain tree). You can set the printing defaults for a printer and quickly access the Properties dialog box for a printer (which enables you to configure permissions related to the printer—discussed later in this hour).

You can view the current print jobs on a printer with the Details pane of the Print Management snap-in. First, right-click the Printers node for a printer server and select Show Extended View. This opens a Jobs pane in the bottom half of the Details pane.

To view the print jobs currently running on a printer, select the printer in the Details pane. The print jobs are listed in the Jobs pane (see Figure 14.17).

Figure 14.17. View the current print jobs on a printer.

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To pause a print job, right-click the print job in the Jobs pane and select Pause. You can also cancel a print job in the list; click Cancel.

You can also open the printer queue from the Details pane. Right-click a printer in the list and select Open Printer Queue. The queue opens, displaying current print jobs and the status of the print jobs.

Select a print job in the printer queue and then click the Document menu. You can pause, resume, restart, and cancel a print job from the Document menu (see Figure 14.18).

Figure 14.18. Manage print jobs on a printer in the printer queue.

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Did you Know?

If you want to pause all the print jobs (meaning pause the printer) in the queue, click the Printer menu in the printer queue and select Pause Printing. You can also cancel all the print jobs in the queue by selecting Cancel All Documents on the Print menu.

You can also open the Properties dialog box for a print job via the Document menu. The Properties dialog box for a print job enables you to control the priority for the print job (on the General tab) and also enables you to set a schedule for the print job (see Figure 14.19).

Figure 14.19. Open the Properties dialog box for a print job.

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Other tabs on the print job’s Properties dialog box enable you to access printer settings such as paper, print quality, finishing, and color settings (if the printer is a color printer). The Properties dialog box for a print job can also be accessed directly from the Jobs pane (in the Print Management snap-in) if you don’t want to open the printer queue. Right-click a print job and select Properties.

The Print Management snap-in really provides a “one stop” tool for viewing and managing print jobs. Because print servers (and their associated printers) can quickly be added to the Print Management snap-in, you can manage print jobs in the domain from a single print server.

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