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Sharing a Printer

When you install a local printer as discussed in the previous section (by attaching the USB cable), you still need to share the printer. (When you add a network printer that has not previously been shared, you are given the option of sharing it.) Printers are shared via the printer’s Properties dialog box, which can be accessed in your Printers window.

Open the Printers window via the Control Panel (Start, Control Panel, and then double-click Printers). Right-click the printer that you want to share and select Sharing from the shortcut menu. The printer’s Properties dialog box opens with the Sharing tab selected.

Click the Share This Printer check box. A share name for the printer is automatically placed in the Share Name box (see Figure 14.7). You can edit the name if you wish.

Figure 14.7. Share the printer.

By default, print jobs are rendered on client computers (which takes a load off your print server). You should also click the List in Directory check box so that the printer is listed in the Active Directory.

If you need to add additional drivers for the printer (such as for computers using Itanium or X64 processors), click the Additional Drivers button and check the additional drivers you need in the Additional Drivers box.

When you have completed the share configuration for the printer, click OK. The printer icon includes the share symbol in your printer list.

By the Way

A printer’s Properties dialog box (which includes the Sharing tab) has a number of tabs that enable you to control the printing options for the printer. They include the device settings, the ports, and security settings. Printer permissions (set on the Security tab) are discussed later in this hour.

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