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Q How is a printer installed on a print server?
A USB printers need only be connected to the server. You can add remote printers and direct-connect printers to a server running Windows Server 2008 by using the Add Printer Wizard.
Q What is the benefit of direct-connect printers?
A This type of printer provides either an internal or external device that spools and processes print jobs at the printer.
Q What snap-in provides for the management of network printers and print servers?
A The Print Management snap-in enables you to manage the print servers and printers in the domain. You can view and manage individual print jobs and use custom filters to view printers that meet criteria that you set.
Q How are different access levels to print jobs and printer management determined?
A Printer permissions are set on a per-printer basis on each shared printer. Different permission levels include Print, Manage Printers, and Manage Documents.
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