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In this hour, you learned how to create a print server for local and direct-connect printers. Shared printers provide print services to users on the network.

To function as a print server in the domain, the Print Services role must be added to the server. After the Print Services role is added, the print server (and printers supplied by the print server) can be managed through the Print Management snap-in. Print servers and printers can be added to the Print Management snap-in, enabling you to monitor and manage all the print services in the domain.

Print jobs can be viewed, paused, and reordered via the Print Management snap-in. Printer filters can be used to create custom views of printers in the domain that meet criteria you configure.

The Security tab of a printer’s Properties dialog box provides you with access to the permissions for the printer. You can set permissions for users or groups.

The Security tab also provides the auditing settings for the printer’s access. User or group access to the printer can be audited.

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