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Auditing Printer Access

You can also set up auditing for printer use (and management) via the Security tab of the printer’s Properties dialog box. This enables you to track group (or specific user) access to printers.

1. Click the Advanced button on the Security tab. The Advanced Security Settings dialog box opens. Click the Auditing tab.

2. To add a group (or user) to the Auditing Entries list, click the Add button. The Select User, Computer, or Group dialog box opens. Type the name of the group or the user. Then click OK. The Auditing Entry dialog box for the printer opens (see Figure 14.23).

Figure 14.23. You can audit group or user access to printers.

3. You can audit print access or events related to managing the printer or documents. Select either the Successful or Failed check boxes for the access event, and then click OK to close the Auditing Entry dialog box. You are returned to the Auditing tab. Add other users or groups as discussed for auditing, and then click OK to return to the printer’s Properties dialog box. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Printer access events appear in the print server’s Event Viewer security log. You can open the Event Viewer by selecting Start, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer.

By the Way

Auditing and other security settings are part of the local computer or the domain’s Group Policy settings. Group Policy is discussed in Hour 11, “Deploying Group Policy and Network Access Protection.”

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