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Share permissions enable you to control access to volume and folder shares on a file server. Share permissions can be set for groups and users. NTFS permissions can be assigned to volumes, folders, or files on an NTFS volume. NTFS permissions secure a folder or file on the local computer and on the network.

When share and NTFS permissions are used together, the most restrictive setting provided by the combined permissions is in force. A good best practice is to assign users only the minimum level of access that they need for a particular folder or file on the network.

NTFS volumes also provide folder and file encryption, using the Encrypting File System. This encryption strategy uses public and private keys to secure files and folders on your file servers and the network.

Windows BitLocker drive encryption is an encryption feature that encrypts all the data on a volume. It can be used to encrypt volumes that contain the Windows operating system, including applications and data used by applications. BitLocker can also be used to encrypt entire data volumes.

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