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Taking Ownership of an NTFS File

By default, the creator of a folder or a file on NTFS volumes is the owner of that object. This enables that user to set the permissions related to that file or folder (or to delete the file and folder). Ownership of an NTFS file or folder is similar to having the Full Control permission.

Administrators (by virtue of the Administrators group) can take ownership of any file or folder (no matter what permissions have been assigned for that file or folder). Administrators can also grant ownership of files or folders to a group or user. In effect, this means that ownership of files or folders can be transferred from a group or user to another group or user.

Ownership can be given to a user or group if the Full Control standard permission is supplied to that user or group. Ownership can also be given to the user or group in the Take Ownership special permission (see Figure 13.11).

Figure 13.11. Use the Take Ownership special permission to give ownership of a file or folder.

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