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Assigning Share Permissions

Share permissions are assigned in the Share Permissions dialog box, when you have selected Share Permissions on the Permission tab of the share’s Properties dialog box (look back at Figure 13.2). You can add groups or users to the Group or User Names list in the dialog box and then assign the appropriate permission level.

To add a group or a user to the Share Permissions dialog box, follow these steps:

1. Select the Add button. The Select Users, Computers, or Groups dialog box appears (see Figure 13.3).

Figure 13.3. Use the Select Users, Computers, or Groups dialog box to specify groups or users to be added.

2. By default, the domain in which the server resides appears as the location in the dialog box. If you want to change the location (the domain or the local computer) where the group or user resides, click the Location button. A domain tree enables you to select the domain to serve as the location. Click OK to return to the Users, Computers, or Groups dialog box.

3. The group or user (or groups and users) that you will add to the Share Permission list is entered in the Enter the Object Names to Select box. Type the name of the first group or user. You can add multiple names to the box by separating the entries with a semicolon.

4. After adding the group names or usernames to the box, you can check the accuracy of your entries by clicking the Check Names button. If anyone of your entries is not found, the Name Not Found dialog box opens (see Figure 13.4).

Figure 13.4. The Name Not Found dialog box enables you to correct entries not found in the selected domain.

5. (Optional) You can change the entry (if you typed it incorrectly) or change the location to look for the entry. If you decide not to include the entry (for inclusion in the permission list), select the Remove option button. Then click OK. You are returned to the Select Users, Computers, or Groups dialog box.

6. To add the groups or users to the permission list, click the OK button. You are returned to the Share Permissions tab.

To assign permissions to the group or user that you have added to the permission list, select the group or user. By default, the newly added group or user already is assigned the Read permission.

Select the permission level by using the appropriate Allow check box that you want to provide for the group or user. Repeat this for other added groups or users as necessary. When you have completed assigning share permissions, click the OK button. This closes the Properties dialog box for the share.

When you assign permissions to groups and users, remember that the permissions are cumulative. A particular user picks up permissions from both the groups that the user belongs to and any permissions applied specifically to the user.

Likewise, remember that a Deny always overrides all other permissions. If a user is a member of two groups and a share is configured to allow Full Control to one group and deny Full Control to the other, the user is denied access to the share.

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