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Q. What is the fastest way to bring a file server online in the domain?
A. Using the Add Roles Wizard, you can quickly add the File Services role to a member server or domain controller. The File Services role includes tools such as the File Resource Manager (which enables you to configure quotas and reports) and also additional services such as DFS and NFS (for UNIX-based clients).
Q. What are two methods for adding shares to a file server?
A. You can use the Share and Storage Management snap-in to provision new shares on a server. You can also add shares using the Computer folder on any server.
Q. How can you create a hidden share on a server?
A. Create the share and follow the share name with the $ (dollar sign) symbol. Only users who specify the exact name of the share can gain access to it.
Q. What can you do to make it easier for users on the network to locate a share?
A. Publishing a share to the Active Directory places the share in the Global Catalog as an Active Directory object. This makes it easier for users to locate the share on the network.
Q. What does the Distributed File System offer in terms of providing shares to users on the network?
A. The Distributed File System provides a hierarchical tree structure that makes it easy for users to access resources no matter where the files are stored on the network. The DFS root provides the root of the DFS tree and allows users to view shares on the network as if they were stored in one location rather than on multiple file servers on the network. DFS also provides DFS folder replication that helps build fault tolerance into your file services structure.


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