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Adding DFS Folders

After the DFS root has been created, additions to the DFS tree and the namespace can be added. You can add DFS folders to the tree that provide hierarchical containers. These containers can be used to provide a structure to your DFS tree and also can be the “host” for shared folders on the server or any server on the network. These shared folders can be located anywhere on the network, meaning that shares from multiple servers in the domain can easily be added to the DFS tree.

To add a folder from the DFS Management snap-in, follow these steps:

1. Expand the namespaces node and then select the root of your DFS namespace (in the node tree, or select the namespace level where you will add the folder).

2. Click New Folder in the Actions pane (of the DFS Management snap-in). The New Folder dialog box opens (see Figure 12.23).

Figure 12.23. Add folders to the DFS root that point to shares on the network.

3. Enter the name for the new folder. A preview of this DFS folder will be added to the root namespace.

4. To associate this folder with a share on the server (or on the network), click the Add button. The Add Folder Target dialog box opens.

5. Provide the UNC address of the share, using the //server name/share format to specify the target for the DFS folder. If you plan on replicating the folder (between two or more file servers), you need to specify multiple targets for the DFS folder. After specifying the folder targets, click OK.

6. You are returned to the New Folder dialog box and the folder target (which you entered in step 5) appears in the Folder targets box. Click OK to create the new folder.

The new folder now appears in the DFS tree. When you select the folder in the DFS tree, two tabs are provided for the folder: Folder Targets and Replication. The Folder Targets tab shows all the targets for the DFS folder. As already mentioned, you need to have more than one target share for the folder if you want to take advantage of replication. DFS replication builds fault tolerance into your DFS tree. Configuring replication is discussed in the next section.

Did you Know?

You can add DFS file servers to the DFS tree. In the DFS Management snap-in, select your DFS root and then click Add Namespace Server. You can then browse the network to enter the name of a network namespace server. Adding servers to the DFS Management snap-in makes it easier to locate DFS namespace folders and manage your DFS structure.

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