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Viewing GPO Details in the GPO Management Snap-In

Before ending this discussion of Group Policy, we should look at some of the other capabilities that the Group Policy Management snap-in provides. You can quickly view the scope (the objects that are linked to the GPO) and the details of the GPO (such as who owns the GPO, when it was created, and its current status). You can also view the enabled settings for the GPO and view the current delegation of the GPO.

To view all the GPOs in the current forest, expand the Group Policy Objects node. Select any of the GPOs listed to view the policy details.

The information provided in the Details pane of the Group Policy Management snap-in for a selected GPO is divided into four tabs:

By the Way

A final note on Group Policy: Group Policy is designed to provide consistency and security on the network. You should definitely create a number of GPOs and develop a clear understanding of how individual policies and administrative templates affect the user and computer configurations. It would be very wise to set up a small test network and deploy Group Policy so that you can see how the different GPOs at different levels in the Active Directory tree actually interact. Group Policy is not something that should be used without a very clear understanding of how it really works.

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