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The Group Policy Feature

When you add the Active Directory Domain Services to a server and “promote” that server to a domain controller, the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard checks to see whether the Group Policy feature is already installed on the server (you would have had to install it in the Add Features Wizard). If Group Policy is not installed, it is included in the Active Directory Domain Services installation (see Figure 11.1).

Figure 11.1. Group Policy is added when you install the AD DS role.

After the server has been “promoted” to a domain controller, you are ready to work with the Active Directory (as discussed in Hours 8, 9, and 10) and you are ready to begin the process of using Group Policy to manage the domain’s security.

Because Group Policy Management is installed as a feature (rather than a role or service), it should be listed with all the other features that have been installed on the server. You can view installed features in the Server Manager (click the Server Manager icon on the Quick Launch toolbar).

To view installed features, click the Features node in the Server Manager node tree. The installed features are listed in the Details pane (see Figure 11.2).

Figure 11.2. View installed features in the Server Manager.

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If you wish to work with Group Policy from another computer such as a domain member server, you need to install Group Policy Management on that server. Open the Add Features Wizard via the Initial Configuration Tasks window or the Server Manager (click Add Features in both cases). You can then select Group Policy Management in the Features list and add it to the server, using the wizard’s feature installation process.

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