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In this hour, you learned how to navigate the Group Policy Management snap-in You also learned how to view the GPOs for an Active Directory forest and how to view the properties and settings of an individual GPO.

This hour also discussed the creation of new GPOs, the linking of GPOS to Active Directory containers, and the editing of GPO policies in the Group Policy Object Editor. You also learned how to enable and configure individual policies and administrative templates with the GPO Editor.

In addition, you learned how to add the Network Policy Server service when installing the Network Policy and Access Services role. The Network Access Protection server serves as a NAP health policy server and enables you to control client network access with health policies.

The Network Policy Server (which supplies network access protection) is managed in the Network Policy Server snap-in. In this snap-in, you can configure health policy validators such as the Windows Security Health Validator. After the validator has been configured (providing the policies that network clients must meet), you can add remediation servers to the Network Policy Server that help network clients remediate violations of the policies required by a validator.

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