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Adding and Configuring XP Clients

Windows XP can also serve as a client OS on a Windows domain. To configure an XP domain client (a computer running Windows XP Professional; XP Home does not support domain membership) from the client computer, follow these steps:

1. Select Start. Then right-click My Computer and select Properties. The System Properties box for the XP computer appears. Select the Computer Name tab on the Properties dialog box.

2. To make the computer a member of the domain, select the Change button on the Computer Name tab. The Computer Name Changes dialog box appears (see Figure 10.9).

Figure 10.9. Specify the domain in the Computer Name Changes dialog box.

3. Click the Member of Domain option button and then type the name of the domain in the Name box. Click OK. A Computer Name Changes dialog box appears (yes, this is a second dialog box with the same name, as shown in Figure 10.10), asking you for a username and a password. The user must have administrative privileges to add the computer to the domain. This privilege is afforded to any user account that is a member of the Domain Administrator group.

Figure 10.10. Provide a user account with permission to join the domain.

4. Enter the username and password, and then click OK. It might take a moment, but a dialog box opens welcoming you to the domain. The computer is now configured to log on to the domain. A computer account is added to the Active Directory automatically because you provided an account with administrative privileges for joining the computer to the domain. The computer needs to reboot to complete the process.

By the Way

Another option exists for adding XP Professional computers to the domain and adding a domain user account to the computer: using the Network Identification Wizard. This wizard is accessed on the Computer Name tab of the Systems Properties dialog box. Click the Network ID button to start the wizard; it walks you through the steps of adding the computer to the domain and then adding a domain user account. In my opinion, however, the wizard makes a very short process (the process already discussed in this section) longer than necessary.

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