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Adding and Configuring Vista Clients

Although you can add computer accounts to the Active Directory using the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in, you still have to configure client computers running operating systems such as Windows Vista so that the computer logs on to the domain when a user provides a logon name and password. You may also have to configure network protocols when you configure the client computer, depending on whether you are using DHCP or fixed IP addresses or even other network protocols beyond the TCP/IP default (configuring network protocols on client computers is discussed later in this hour).

Although the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in provides an environment in which you can quickly add a number of computer accounts, you can also add the computer account for a Windows Vista computer directly from the client workstation (as long as you have the appropriate administrative rights).

To configure a Windows Vista client as a domain member from the client computer, follow these steps:

1. Select Start. Then right-click Computer and select Properties. The System window opens.

2. Click the Change settings link. The System Properties dialog box opens (see Figure 10.7).

Figure 10.7. The System Properties dialog box shows the computer name and current network ID.

3. You have the option of changing the domain (or workgroup) affiliation for the computer via a wizard by clicking the Network ID button or by clicking the Change button.

If you click the Network ID button, a wizard walks you through the steps of identifying the domain or workgroup to which you wish to add the computer and the username and password required to add the computer.

Although the wizard is useful, it is easier to click Change. The Computer Name/Domain Changes dialog box opens (see Figure 10.8).

Figure 10.8. Specify the domain name in the Domain box.

4. Select the Domain option button and then type the domain name in the Domain text box. Then click OK.

5. The Windows Security dialog box opens. Supply the username and password that has the permission rights to add the computer to the domain. Then click OK.

6. A message box appears with a message welcoming the computer to the specified domain. Click OK to close the message box.

7. A restart is required for the domain change to go into effect. Close the System Properties box and agree to restart the computer.

The computer is added to the list of domain computers found in the Computers folder in the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. You may have to refresh the snap-in to view the added computer or computers (right-click in the Details pane and select Refresh from the shortcut menu).

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