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Q. How can client computer accounts be added to the Active Directory?
A. Client computer accounts can be added through the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. You can also create client computer accounts via the client computer by joining it to the domain via the System Properties dialog box. This requires a user account that has administrative privileges, such as members of the Domain Administrator or Enterprise Administrator groups.
Q. What firewall setting is required to manage client computers such as Vista clients and Windows 2008 member servers?
A. The Windows Firewall must allow remote administration for a computer to be managed remotely.
Q. Can servers running Windows Server 2008 provide services to clients when they are not part of a domain?
A. Servers running Windows Server 2008 can be configured to participate in a workgroup. The server can provide some services to the workgroup peers but does not provide the security and management tools provided to domain controllers.
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