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Adding Users and Groups to a Group

Users and groups can be added to the groups that you create (membership depends on the scope of the group, as discussed earlier in the hour). To add users (or other groups) to a group, follow these steps:

1. Double-click the group in the Details pane to open the group’s Properties dialog box. On the group’s Properties dialog box, select the Members tab (see Figure 9.4).

Figure 9.4. Users are added to the Members tab.

2. Click the Add button on the Members tab. The Select Users, Contacts, Computer, or Groups dialog box opens. To specify a user or group to add to the group, type the name of the user or group in the Enter the Object Names to Select box (you can type the first few letters of the user or group and then use the Check Names button to place the object in the box).

If you add multiple users or groups to the dialog box, separate each object name with a semicolon.

3. When you have completed adding users or groups, click OK. The users or groups are added to the Members tab list. If you decide to remove any of the users or groups from the Members list, select the user or group and then click the Remove button. When you have finished working in the group’s Properties dialog box, click OK to return to the Active Directory Users and Computer snap-in.

Did you Know?

An alternative to adding the users to the group in the group’s Properties dialog box is to select the users in the Details pane (select the first with a click and then Ctrl+click to select additional users). Right-click any of the selected users and select Add to a Group on the shortcut menu. The Select Group dialog box opens. Enter the name of the group (or the first couple of letters in the group’s name) and then select Check Names. When you have specified the group, click OK. All the selected users are added to the group.

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