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Q. What type of Active Directory objects can be contained in a group?
A. A group can contain users, computers, contacts, and other nested groups.
Q. What type of group is not available in a domain that is running at the mixed-mode functional level?
A. Universal groups are not available in a mixed-mode domain. The functional level must be raised to Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 to make these groups available.
Q. What types of Active Directory objects can be contained in an Organizational Unit?
A. Organizational Units can hold users, groups, computers, contacts, and other OUs. The Organizational Unit provides you with a container directly below the domain level that enables you to refine the logical hierarchy of how your users and other resources are arranged in the Active Directory.
Q. What are Active Directory sites?
A. Active Directory sites are physical locations on the network’s physical topology. Each regional domain that you create is assigned to a site. Sites typically represent one or more IP subnets that are connected by IP routers. Because sites are separated from each other by a router, the domain controllers on each site periodically replicate the Active Directory to update the Global Catalog on each site segment.


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