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Extending a Volume

Dynamic volumes can be extended easily. And as was the case when creating volumes, a volume can be extended using free space on the same physical drive or space available on other physical drives on the server. To extend a volume, follow these steps:

1. Right-click the volume that you want to extend, and then select Extend Volume. The Extend Volume Wizard appears. Click Next to continue.

2. A wizard screen appears (see Figure 6.8). Here you can select more free space on the physical drive to extend the volume, or you can select additional physical drives that contain free space. After selecting additional drives and specifying the space to be used, click Next.

Figure 6.8. You can extend an existing volume.

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3. A summary screen appears. Click Finish to end the process.

By the Way

When a volume extends across more than one disk, the failure of any of the disks makes the volume unusable.

After you have created volumes on your server, you have the option of shrinking these volumes as needed. Shrinking a volume enables you to take advantage of unused space on a volume for some other purpose (such as another new volume).

To shrink a simple or spanned volume, right-click the volume in the Disk Management snap-in and then select Shrink Volume. In the Shrink dialog box that appears (see Figure 6.9), specify the amount by which you want to shrink the volume (using the Enter the Amount of Space to Shrink in MB spinner box) and then click Shrink.

Figure 6.9. You can shrink an existing volume.

The results of shrinking the volume appear in the Disk Management snap-in. The amount by which you shrink the volume becomes unallocated disk space.

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