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Creating a Scheduled Backup

Because regular backups are an essential part of a fault tolerance strategy for your network servers, it makes sense to create schedules for your server backups. The Windows Server Backup snap-in enables you to create a backup schedule. To create a backup schedule, follow these steps:

1. In the Windows Server Backup snap-in, select Backup Schedule in the Actions pane. Click Next to bypass the Backup Schedule Wizard’s initial screen.

2. On the next screen, specify whether you want to do a full or custom backup (if you select custom, you need to specify the volumes on the next screen). Let’s assume that you want to schedule a full backup for your server. Click Full Server (Recommended) if necessary (this is the default option). Then click Next.

3. On the next screen (see Figure 6.23), specify the time for the backup (if once daily). You can also specify More than once a day and specify the time for each of these backups.

Figure 6.23. Specify the time (or times) for the scheduled backup.

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4. On the next screen specify the destination disk for the scheduled backup. You can click Show All Available Disks to browse for the destination. After specifying the destination, click Next.

Did you Know?

If you are using a fixed drive on the server for backup, the drive is formatted for backups only. The drive is not visible in Windows Explorer when you browse the drives on the server. When the information dialog box opens alerting you to the fact that the drive will be formatted for backups (and all data on the drive will be lost) make sure that you have specified the correct drive before selecting Yes.

5. The Confirmation screen appears. Look over the summary information provided and then click Finish.

Scheduled backups appear in the Details pane of the Windows Server Backup snap-in. You can view the settings for a scheduled backup by selecting View details (for that specific backup).

You can also modify or stop a scheduled backup. Click the Backup Schedule command in the Actions pane. Click Modify Backup (or Stop Backup if you just want to stop the backup from running) and then click Next. If you are modifying the backup, you are walked through the same steps that were used to create the backup schedule and you can change the various settings as needed.

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