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The Windows Server 2008 Backup Utility

The Backup utility provided in previous versions of the Windows Server software has always been considered more a tool of last resort rather than a robustly featured backup and restore utility. Windows Server 2008 provides a new utility, Windows Server Backup, which provides a number of improvements over the Backup utility available in previous versions of Windows Server. Touting faster backups and the ability to back up applications via the Volume Shadow Copy Service, other Server Backup improvements include the following:

The Windows Server Backup feature is not installed as part of your default Windows Server 2008 installation. You must add the backup feature to your server as follows:

1. In the Initial Configuration Tasks window or in the Server Manager, click Add Features (Add Features in the Server Manager). The Add Features Wizard opens.

2. To install both the Server Backup utility and the command-line backup tool, select the Windows Server Backup Features check box (see Figure 6.17).

Figure 6.17. The Tools tab provides access to drive utilities.

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3. Click Next. The Summary screen for the Wizard appears.

4. Click Install. When the installation is complete, click Close to close the Wizard.

After you have the Windows Server Backup feature installed, you can take advantage of it to back up folders and files on your server. Let’s look at backing up files and then at the restore process.

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