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Configuring WDS for Remote Installations

You need to configure some of the properties related to your WDS installation before you can begin to remotely install client or server operating systems on network clients. To open the Properties dialog box for your WDS server, right-click the server node (the node with the actual server name) and then select Properties. The server’s Properties dialog box appears (see Figure 5.9).

Figure 5.9. Open the WDS server’s Properties dialog box.

The Properties dialog box has eight tabs:

In terms of getting your WDS server up and running, you should allow your DHCP server to provide the IP addresses to clients (on the Network Settings tab) and allow PXE to respond to both known and unknown WDS clients (on the PXE Response Settings tab).

If DHCP is running on the same server as WDS, make sure to check both the options on the DHCP tab. All other settings on the various tabs on the Properties dialog box (unless you want to tackle unattended installations) can stay at the default settings.

There is one other thing that you must keep in mind related to server settings and WDS. You need to allow the WDS server and the WDS clients to communicate on the network. So, you have to configure the Windows Firewall (see Hour 21, “Working with the Windows Firewall and IPSec”) to allow incoming connections.

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