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Q. When a child domain is created in the domain tree, what type of trust relationship exists between the new child domain and the tree’s root domain?
A. Child domains and the root domain of a tree are assigned transitive trusts. This means that the root domain and child domain trust each other and allow resources in any domain in the tree to be accessed by users in any domain in the tree.
Q. What is the primary function of domain controllers?
A. The primary function of domain controllers is to validate users to the network. However, domain controllers also provide the catalog of Active Directory objects to users on the network.
Q. What are some of the other roles that a server running Windows Server 2008 could fill on the network?
A. A server running Windows Server 2008 can be configured as a domain controller, a file server, a print server, a web server, or an application server. Windows servers can also have roles and features that provide services such as DNS, DHCP, and Routing and Remote Access.
Q. Which Windows Server 2008 tools make it easy to manage and configure a server’s roles and features?
A. The Server Manager window enables you to view the roles and features installed on a server and also to quickly access the tools used to manage these various roles and features. The Server Manager can be used to add and remove roles and features as needed.
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