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Adding a Feature to Your Server Configuration

As already discussed in this hour, some server and network services are now collectively known as features (such as WINS, the Windows Backup utility, and the new BitLocker drive encryption feature). The Add Features Wizard is the tool for adding features. This wizard can be opened from the Initial Configuration Tasks window or from the Server Manager.

To add a server feature, follow these steps:

1. From the Initial Configuration Tasks window or the Server Manager (when Features is selected in the node pane), click the Add Features link. The Add Features Wizard opens (see Figure 4.8).

Figure 4.8. Select the feature or features you want to install.

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2. Select the feature you want to add to the server’s configuration from the list of features provided by the wizard (click the appropriate check box or check boxes). If the Add Features Wizard dialog box opens, requiring you to add additional features that support the feature you selected, click Add Required Features. Then click Next.

3. The next wizard screen lists the features you selected for installation (and any other features that must be installed to support it). Click Install to continue.

4. A progress screen appears, which keeps you apprised of the status of the feature installation. When the installation is complete, the results screen appears with a list of the features that were installed. Click Close to close the wizard window.

You can view and access installed features by selecting the Features node in the Server Manager node pane. To view available management snap-ins for installed features, expand the Features node and select the appropriate snap-in.

By the Way

It may be a little disconcerting trying to find the tools to manage a particular feature after you install it. For example, you might install the Windows Server Backup feature and expect to see its feature node in the Features list in Server Manager. However, that’s not the case and the Server Backup appears in the list of features under the Storage node (which does make sense). However, WINS, when installed as a feature, is not listed as a node in the Server Manager and must be managed from its own snap-in, which is started from the Administrative Tools menu (Start, Administrative Tools, WINS).

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