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Removing a Server Role

As you fine-tune your network and determine the capability of your servers to handle multiple roles through benchmarking, you may find that you want to remove a server role from a particular Windows Server 2008 installation. Server roles can easily be removed via the Server Manager by starting the Remove Roles Wizard.

1. Start the Server Manager (if it is not currently on the Windows desktop; select Start, Administrative Tools, and then Server Manager).

2. Select the Roles icon in the node tree; then in the details pane, click the Remove Roles icon. The Remove Roles Wizard opens.

3. The first wizard screen suggests administrative tasks related to removing a role, such as preserving role data, notifying users, and scheduling server downtime related to the removal of the role. After reading (and considering) the information on the wizard screen, click Next to continue.

4. The next screen provides a list of all server roles. Installed roles are in bold and have check marks in their check boxes (see Figure 4.7). Select the appropriate check box to remove the role (or roles). Then click Next.

Figure 4.7. Specify a server role to be removed.

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5. The wizard provides a list of the roles, role services, and associated features that will be removed based on your selection or selections in step 4. Click Remove.

The Remove Roles Wizard provides a progress bar that tracks the overall progress of the removal of the role and associated services and tools. A final wizard screen appears, noting that the role and associated services were removed. Click Close to close the Remove Roles Wizard.

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