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In this hour, we looked at the Windows Server 2008 desktop, which embraces the user experience model found in Microsoft Windows Vista. As with previous versions of Windows, the Control Panel (either the menu or the window) provides access to a number of system utilities and tools, such as the system and maintenance tools, security tools, and the new Network and Sharing Center.

The new Server Manager provides administrative access to many of the tools used to manage your server. This includes managing server roles and services, monitoring the computer, and working with local users and groups.

Local user accounts are used to grant users access to the local computer. You can create local user accounts in the Computer Management snap-in. Local groups are used to provide access level to the local users. A number of default local groups, such as the Administrator’s group, are provided by Windows Server 2008. Adding users to a group provides these users with the local access privileges afforded by the group.

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