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Using the Server Manager

Any discussion of the Windows Server 2008 administrative environment must include a look at the new Server Manager. In prior versions of Windows Server, most tools ran as snap-ins in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), and you will still find that a few tools do run in the MMC. However, the Server Manager (by default) provides access to nearly all the configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting tools you will need to use as you manage your Windows server. Figure 3.12 shows the new Server Manager.

Figure 3.12. The Server Manager provides quick access to many Windows Server tools.

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Did you Know?

You can launch the Server Manager from the Quick Launch toolbar next to the Start button.

The left pane in the Server Manager window (the console tree) provides access to several categories of server management tools. The icons and various categories are

We will be taking advantage of the new Server Manager as we work with Windows Server 2008 throughout this book. In the next section, we look at local user accounts and groups, which can be managed using the Server Manager.

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