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Q. Which Control Panel tool enables you to automate the running of server utilities and other applications?
A. The Task Scheduler enables you to schedule the launching of tools such as Windows Backup and Disk Defragmenter.
Q. What are some of the items that can be accessed via the System Properties dialog box?
A. You can access virtual memory settings and the Device Manager via the System Properties dialog box.
Q. Which Windows Server utility provides a common interface for tools and utilities and provides access to server roles, services, and monitoring and drive utilities?
A. The Server Manager provides both the interface and access to a large number of the utilities and tools that you will use as you manage your Windows server.
Q. How are local user accounts and groups created?
A. Local user accounts and groups are managed in the Local Users and Groups node in the Server Manager. Local user accounts and groups are used to provide local access to a server.
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