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Q. What two hardware considerations should be an important part of the planning process for a Windows Server 2008 deployment?
A. Any server on which you will install Windows Server 2008 should have at least the minimum hardware requirement for running the network operating system. Server hardware should also be on the Windows Server 2008 Hardware Compatibility List to avoid the possibility of hardware and network operating system incompatibility.
Q. How does the activation process differ on Windows Server 2008 as compared to Windows Server 2003?
A. You can select to have activation happen automatically when the Windows Server 2008 installation is complete. Make sure that the Automatically Activate Windows When I’m Online check box is selected on the Product Key page.
Q. What are the options for installing Windows Server 2008?
A. You can install Windows Server 2008 on a server not currently configured with NOS, or you can upgrade existing servers running Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003.
Q. How do you configure and manage a Windows Server 2008 core installation?
A. This stripped-down version of Windows Server 2008 is managed from the command line.


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