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< previous page page_94 next page > Page 94 CONCLUSION We are a composite of the total sum of our overall health quotient. Unless each segment of our body is biochemically balanced, the net result is an imbalance. Much like a bank account is managed to maintain a proper balance—debits and credits must be adjusted to achieve […]

< previous page page_95 next page > Page 95 Fluid extract: 40 drops daily Tincture (1:5–1:2): 1 milliliter three times daily • Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)* Crude herb (powdered root): 2,000–4,000 milligrams per day, divided doses Tincture: 2–4 milliliters two times per day • Cordyceps sinensis 2,000 milligrams per day *May increase blood pressure, monitoring is essential. < previous […]

< previous page page_96 next page > Page 96 This page intentionally left blank. < previous page page_96 next page >

< previous page page_97 next page > Page 97 Insomnia The average adult sleeps approximately 7.5 to 8 hours each night.1 Researchers are still determining the true function of sleep; however, much evidence has shown that a lack of sleep has serious consequences including medical and mental health problems, as well as memory deficits, accidents, and impaired […]

< previous page page_91 next page > Page 91 zinc levels. These findings indicate that women with PMS experience a zinc deficiency during the symptomatic phase of the menstrual cycle due to the elevated levels of copper. These findings tie into the earlier section on optimal essential fatty acid metabolism, indicating further a need for micronutrients such […]

< previous page page_92 next page > Page 92 All of these herbal medicines are effective at relieving PMS-related mental emotional symptoms through their effects on hormone levels that become dysregulated. Supplementation can serve to adjust these hormone levels such that patients do not as easily notice the extensive effects of hormonal imbalance. Hormonal mental health can […]

< previous page page_89 next page > Page 89 that complete tissue saturation with magnesium can take several weeks to accomplish (and thus for the patient to benefit from the effects of supplementation). It should also be noted that this study utilized a small amount of magnesium; a dose comprable to approximately 300–500 milligrams is recommended for […]

< previous page page_9 next page > Page 9 double-blind methods. The investigators used this point to emphasize the ability of the parent/teacher/caretaker’s ability to note the relationship between food ingestion and behavior outcomes and to consider these observations as valid when they present this association to the family physician. A review of 23 double-blind studies investigating […]

< previous page page_90 next page > Page 90 significantly decrease PMS-related breast symptoms of pain and soreness (doses ranged from 150 to 600 International Units per day).12 When studied in relation to other PMS-related mental emotional symptoms, the use of 400 International Units of vitamin E per day was able to produce a 38 percent reduction […]

< previous page page_83 next page > Page 83 tical therapeutics.27 This being said, two main constituents of Hypericum are thought to play a major role in the plant’s effect on depression. In addition to the originally identified active principle hypericin, other constituents such as hyperforin, adhyperforin, and other related compounds are thought to play an active […]

< previous page page_84 next page > Page 84 more potent. Indeed, the true cause of the depression needs to be addressed so that the root cause can be eliminated. A healthy mind, body, and spirit fostered via a good diet, mental hygiene, exercise, and pursuit of deepened spirituality can all help augment quality of life. It […]

< previous page page_85 next page > Page 85 Hormonal Mental Health This chapter, unlike the others in this book, takes a different approach in looking at optimal brain function by focusing on the body’s hormones and how they are affected by nutritional and botanical supplementation. Not an overt disease condition, hormone irregularities and their effects can […]

< previous page page_86 next page > Page 86 Hormone levels fluctuate on a variety of time schedules and are directly affected by stress, infection, and even shifts in electrolyte levels in the body. Additionally, hormones play a role in modulating our behavior, and when imbalanced, the endocrine system’s effects are felt widely throughout the body. Both […]

< previous page page_87 next page > Page 87 fest physical and mental symptoms. Often times problems in the body arise from an inability to properly metabolize hormones and establish a beneficial level. Taking this a step higher, utilizing natural medicines in the form of herbs can produce excellent outcomes in the realm of hormonal balance as […]

< previous page page_88 next page > Page 88 relation to PMS. Early diagnosis and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders (and with every other disease condition) provides the best chances at full recovery and lower chances of reoccurring. NUTRIENTS IN PMS Pyridoxine Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) was shown to be effective in relieving depression in women taking […]

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