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Category: G.Grant – ERP And Data Warehousing

ERP & Data Warehousing in Organizations: Issues and Challenges by Gerald Grant (ed)  ISBN:1931777497 Idea Group Publishing © 2003 (262 pages) Offering ERP deployment strategies for information as diverse as patient records, police and community relations, and geospatial services, this text addresses the complex issues that IT and communication technologies pose for organizations of all sizes. […]

Index W weighting 206 whole system approach 240 word of mouth 162 workflow management (WFM) 27, 29

List of Figures Chapter 1: ERP Systems Impact on Organizations Figure 1: Comparison of traditional information system development methods and the process of selecting and implementing ERP systems Figure 2: Competing Values Model based on Quinn (1981) and Rohrbaugh (1981) Figure 3: Mapping of ERP system capabilities into CVM. *Parentheses indicate functions within functionality Figure […]

List of Tables Chapter 2: Challenging the Unpredictable: Changeable Order Management Systems Table 1: Overview of relationship-types Table 2: Overview decision elements Table 3: Mapping of activation styles with a decision situation Chapter 3: ERP System Acquisition: A Process Model and Results From an Austrian Survey Table 1: Investigated hypotheses and verdict from the empirical […]

List of Boxes Chapter 13: Relevance and Micro-Relevance for the Professional as Determinants of IT-Diffusion and IT-Use in Healthcare Box 1: Relevance and micro-relevance

Index V Veterans Health Administration (VHA) 170, 179 virtual communities 235 virtual offices 236 visualization 138

Index P parameterization 44 partitional clustering 209 path analysis 150 patient data quality 198 patient health records 172 patient master index (PMI) 199 personal involvement 159 point associated trade-off techniques (PAT) 138 police Web site usage 246 police/community relations 233 Poplar County criminal justice system (PCCJS) 146 positive consequences (reach goals) 223 potential database problems […]

Index R rational goal model (RG) 6 relative advantage 224 relevance 222 remote method invocation (RMI) 137 remote procedure call (RPC) technique 98 research and development (R&D) 186 resource description framework (RDF) 141 resource poverty 62 responsiveness 31 retirement phase 57

Index S sales and distribution 10 SAP 107 SAP service providers 77 SAP university alliance program 75 second wave 72, 81 sequential pattern analysis 150 shared views/shared materials 130 short-term periods 46 situated actions 129 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) 54 small-medium businesses (SMBs) 75 social psychology 120 spatial data 133 spatial decision-making 132 spinal […]

Index T tacit-explicit knowledge 120 task Identity 112 task outcomes 114 task significance 112 the benefits evaluation ladder 4 transaction processing monitors (TPM) 99

Index U uniform hospital discharge data set (UHDDS) 189 use and maintenance phase 56

Index K key-performance-indicator (KPI) 33 knowledge discovery 147 knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) 181 knowledge management (KM) 84, 120 knowledge warehouse (KW) 81 Kölner Integrationsmodell (KIM) 95

Index L logical computer based information systems 9 long-term periods 46

Index M materials management 10 media creditability 160 Merriam study 238 message oriented middleware (MOM) 99 metadata 134 micro-relevance 219, 222, 223 Middletown Water Services Division 242 mining 147 modularization 44 mutual influence 129

Index N negative consequences (problems) 223 nimbus 120 North American Nursing Diagnosis (NANDA) 186 nursing information systems (NISs) 186 nursing minimum data set (NMDS) 185

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